Stride Academy

Class Codes

  • Baker:  ALC803296
  • Bishop: ALC72703
  • Bradley: ALC95611
  • Deavor: ALC61225
  • Fleming: ALC78068
  • Goza:  ALC55756
  • Griggers:  ALC115928A
  • Mason:  ALC92230
  • Morgan: ALC36710
  • Panik: ALC15016
  • Plunkett: ALC83212
  • Roberts: ALC50570
  • Singleton: ALC34873
  • Smith: ALC91871
  • Tow:  ALC516451A
  • Williams: ALC725776
  • Wright: ALC28339



  iNow instructions: 

         First authenticate using the following username and password:

         parent (Username)

         Gadsden#1 (Password)

        Then use your iNow username and password once you get to the Chalkable page.